Sell Us Your Vehicle!

Selling a car is no easy job. You have to talk with car dealers, who often have laundry lists of conditions under which they will buy you car. Or you have to advertise with newspapers and online classifieds, which can get expensive and don't offer you a guarantee of a sale. And even if people do come and examine the car you have for sale, it turns you into a salesman, trying to convince those people to pay the price you want and to take the car you're not using off your hands. That sounds like a lot of work, especially when there's an easier option out there. That option is to come to us and let us buy your car fast, quick and for a fair price.

We buy cars, and we buy them for a fair price. We've been in the Minneapolis area for years now, and we've made it our mission to help people who need to sell their cars without all of the stress attached get that done. We come to you and offer a fair price that we put right in your hand before we take your car off your hands. There's no driving all over town, no arranging rides so you can get back home, just a fast, simple business deal without all of the stress you'd have to deal with selling that car all by yourself.

Not only have we been making selling a car easier for years, but we've been spending all that time building a solid reputation so that people know to come to us. We're not a middleman that's looking to get people less for their cars; we're just trying to save people all the time and money they might spend trying to be a salesman. After all, that's a full time job that doesn't always come with the rewards you'd hope for, even if you have a full lot of used cars. And if your car is old, not in prime condition or you're asking a higher price than you'd like, selling it might be an almost Herculean task.

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